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You are ready to create a video Ad for your product. Viewcast Production is here to help you every step of the way.

Ad Production Workflow

  1. Our creative director will meet with you to understand your project details such as product specification, target audience, and delivery mechanism.
  2. A storyboard of your Ad will be created based on the information you provided. The storyboard is the backbone of your Ad. It captures the theme and flow of the Ad as well as framing and placement for each scene.
  3. Once the storyboard is approved, our production team will create the detail shotlist and gather all required materials such as on-screen and voice talents, stage props, and special production gears.
  4. The post production team produces the first cut of your Ad. This will be the first version for you to review where minor changes can be applied in post production.
  5. With all your feedbacks incorporated, the completed Ad will be ready for your approval.

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